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Seed Cleaning 

River Valley Ag Exchange LLC is a certified organic handler and processing facility that conditions, cleans, and bags organic and non-gmo grains and seed.  We are committed to providing you the best quality finished product.  

The process begins with testing of the purity of the seed for GMOs, grading and inspection to identify the amount of foreign material, damaged grains, and splits.  Then the grain will go through the cleaning process that removes any foreign material from the seed.  After going through the cleaner, the seed flows over the gravity table where any less desirable seeds are discarded.  

Once the cleaning process is complete, the seed is packaged according to customer specifications, and then prepared for pick up or shipped for delivery.

River Valley Ag Exchange LLC is proud to offer this service to our customers, knowing that our thorough cleaning and sorting process ensures that their seed is of the highest quality possible.  We guarantee that all seeds provided through our service will remain identity preserved, and retain the purity standard as it was graded upon delivery.

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