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Agricultural Biologicals in Missouri:
Biofertilizer, Adjuvants & Inputs

Release Your Crops Potential with Biologicals, from RVAE Your Trusted Source for Biofertilizers  


River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC provides agricultural solutions to farmers by offering biologicals and inputs. Our company in Missouri creates biofertilizers and OMRI-list adjuvants from natural sources and are designed to increase crop yields and optimize the health of the plant and soil. They are a safe and sustainable way to fertilize crops, helping to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and other synthetic inputs. River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC offers a variety of biologicals in Missouri and beyond that can be tailored to the specific needs of each farm, helping to ensure optimal crop health and yields.


A bio-fertilizer that increases profitability without environmental impact. This innovative solution allows nitrogen to be supplied to the crop biologically, by converting nitrogen from the air into ammonium, directly and constantly metabolizing it into amino acids throughout the growing season, making it available throughout the crop cycle in an effective and controlled way.

  • 100% biological solution to provide a large part of the plant’s nitrogen needs.

  • Regulated and effective nitrogen contribution.

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.


A complete biofertilizer for broad acre solutions to unlocking the fertility that already exists in your soil. MVP is a solution to a wide range of crops, soil types and growing environments for decreasing synthetic fertilizer needs without sacrificing performance and improving yield and profitability.

Visjon Biologics offers a full line of rhizobium inoculants for all legume crops. The Exceed Brand of inoculants extends into all formulations for all legume crops.


RVAE has a full line of EXCEED Premium Inoculants for your conventional or OMRI-approved needs. Contact us for consultation on biofertilizer use.

Resid® HC is a biological inoculant developed for the treatment of cereal seeds and grain crops based on the exclusive mycorrhizal fungus Glomus iranicum var. tenuihypharum. Application of Resid HC means greater root development is achieved due to intense mycorrhizal colonization. This promotes greater absorption of water and nutrients that leads to greater vigor, therefore, greater yield per acre.

A dry seed treatment containing beneficial fungus and bacteria. Easy to use and works well when added in your seed box.

OROBOOST®: is an OMRI listed and WSDA-registered adjuvant, formulated specifically to make herbicides, insecticides, miticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients work harder. In addition to improving spreading, wetting and penetration, OROBOOST® is the only organic approved adjuvant with proprietary TransPhloem TM technology that accelerates input translocation throughout plants, including roots, to deliver active ingredients for quicker and better results
ORO-RZ®: Beat the toughest weeds and soil-borne diseases with improved soil penetration and distribution of pesticides! Knocking out tough resistant weeds and damaging soil pathogens requires getting your pesticides evenly spread throughout the soil. ORO-RZ® soil adjuvant combined with pesticides has been proven to help damage resistant weeds and damage soil pathogens by promoting even distribution and spreading of pesticides throughout the soil, including hydrophobic soil. ORO-RZ® is OMRI listed and WSDA registered.
PREV-AM®: 3-in-1 Insecticide, Fungicide, & Miticide. A fast-acting, broad-spectrum contact pesticide with no risk of resistance build-up. PREV-AM® is an effective control for a wide spectrum of insects, mites and fungi. This powerful contact pesticide can be used alone for quick knockdown or tank mixed with other pesticides as part of your resistance management program. Ideal for use throughout the season for treatment. With PREV AM® there is no need for additional adjuvants due to the superior wetting and spreading characteristics that allow it to move into hard-to-reach areas and help prevent run-off.
ORO-HSMOC®: Provides improve emulsifying and superior translocation. Designed for use with foliar-applied, post-emergent herbicides, ORO-HSMOC® delivers faster translocation, faster absorption and better spreading and wetting for a dramatically superior level of weed killing performance. University research has proven ORO-HSMOC® translocates more herbicide, more rapidly, to weeds’ roots than other widely used HSMOC and MSO products. This results in faster weed kill and less competition for moisture and nutrients for your crop.
ENCOURAGE® NANOCAL®: DELIVERING THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF CALCIUM AT THE RIGHT TIME! ENCOURAGE® NANOCAL® is a readily available, soil applied calcium supplement that dramatically improves grain, fruit and tuber quality. Unlike typical calcium additives with particle sizes up to 80 microns, NANOCAL® is milled to less than one micron. Delivering the right amount of calcium at the right time! A crop’s demand for available calcium spikes to a high level at the onset of fruit, tuber, nut or bulb formation. A calcium deficiency at the point of onset results in dividing cells being unable to stay bound together causing problems.
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