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Organic Varieties


PH 5141: Stress tolerant with top end yield. This variety has girthy ears with deep kernels. Dominant performance in the Western Corn Belt and has extreme Tar Spot tolerance. Overall disease tolerance is great but weakness is Grey Leaf Spot.

PH 6341: New! Consistent high yielder. Very good late season intactness as well as good root strength. Consistent ear size. Plant medium to high population. Good choice for poorly drained soils.


PH 8681: New variety with leading performance against high yielding genetics. Dual purpose hybrid for grain or silage; very good test weight! This variety moves south well.


PH 8751: Leading performance against high yielding genetics. Very good health package. Dual purpose hybrid, grain or silage. Widely adapted east to west and moves south well. Performs well with medium to lower population.


Certified Organic Soybean Seed
RVS Organic Soybeans

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RVS 3905: Best of both worlds. Competitive protein in a beautiful plant. One of our highest yielding varieties. This variety tends to excel in Organic growing conditions.


RVS 4104: Top yield potential. Responds well in all growing conditions. Bushes less than other varieties so it is an excellent Weed-Zapper option in late season.


RVS 4734: Handles stress well and excels in a wide range of populations. Bushes out well for organic environments.

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RVAE is an authorized dealer of Viking/Blue River organic soybean seed. Please ask your RVAE representative for a listing of current varieties offered.

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Replant Policy

Prairie Hybrid Seed Corn 50% cost of base retail price due to germination or emergence issues. Replant seeds must be planted in 2023 planting season.


Return Policy

All seeds must be returned in resellable condition. No open, wet, dirty, damaged, or unsellable bags of seed will be accepted. No treated soybean seed will be accepted. All tags must be attached. No returns on Blue River brand products.


Before June 15: We will gladly accept returns on Prairie Seed Corn and RVS soybean seed for a refund of the full purchase price.


Until June 30: We will accept RVS soybean seed with a $6 per unit restocking fee. Any returns after July 1 are at the manager’s discretion.

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