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Custom Weed Zapping in Missouri:
Natural Weed Killer

Weed zapping is a fast and efficient way to control weeds in your fields. It is a process of using an electric current to kill weeds and unwanted plants without the use of chemical herbicides. Farmers in Missouri find that custom weed zapping is also a great option for those looking to control weeds in areas that are difficult to control with traditional weed control methods.


Depending on the size and type of weeds, the results can take anywhere from a few minutes, a few hours, or overnight. Ideally, the weeds or unwanted plants should be zapped at least twice in order to ensure that all of the cells are destroyed. This natural weed killer is Missouri organic farmers’ answer to RoundUp.


River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC is proud to offer custom weed zapping services to our Missouri customers. Our experienced team offers fast and effective solutions for eliminating weeds in several crops. As one of the top natural weed control companies in Missouri, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment to precisely target and zap weeds in a safe and efficient manner.

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