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Soil Testing in Missouri:
Haney Soil Test for Soil Fertility & Nutrients

Soil testing is an essential part of producing a healthy and sustainable crop for your farm. At River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC, we understand the importance of soil testing in Missouri and elsewhere in order to determine the nutrient levels and composition of the soil, which can help farmers determine the best fertility and management plan for their crops. Soil testing helps Missouri farmers identify potential problems such as soil acidity, poor drainage, and improper nutrient levels. By testing their soil, farmers can make informed decisions about the best fertilizers, and crop rotation that will maximize yields and optimize their land for optimal production.

Black Soil

River Valley Ag Exchange are Missouri’s soil testing experts. Soil testing is a critical tool in understanding the fertility of your soil and ensuring that it is able to provide the best nutrition for your crops.


Soil testing provides a wide range of information about your soil, including its nutrient levels, PH, exchange capacities, and organic matter content. To adjust your soil fertility, our Missouri-based consultants take this information and determine what kinds of fertilizer your soil needs and when it needs to be applied. Without soil testing, farmers are often left guessing as to what their soil needs and when, leading to over-application of fertilizer and other inputs.


It is also important for understanding the soil’s physical characteristics and its ability to hold water and nutrients. We recommend using the Haney Soil Test when possible. After using it for several years in Missouri, we find the Haney Soil Test is superior because it uses unique soil extracts in the lab to determine what quality of soil nutrients are available to soil microbes. 


Finally, soil testing can help you identify potential problems, such as nutrient deficiencies, soil compaction, and salinity, that may be affecting your crops. By understanding the issues with soil fertility and soil nutrients, Missouri farmers can take steps to correct them and produce the best possible yields.


At River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC, we offer soil testing services in Missouri and beyond to help you get the most out of your soil. Our experienced team will work with you to determine what your soil needs and when, so you can maximize your yields and get the most out of your land. Contact Missouri’s soil nutrients experts today to learn more about our soil testing services.

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