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"Your Trusted Source for Biologicals"

River Valley Ag Exchange

River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC was founded in 2017 with the organic and non-GMO farmer in mind.  Owners, Derek and Lyndsey Davis, along with their two children, Gentrie and Gage, own and operate Legacy Ridge Farms, an organic row-crop operation located in Central Missouri. They quickly learned, there was no local or regional full-service farm supply to accommodate the organic and non-GMO growers. They wanted somewhere that not only sold the inputs and supplies they needed but would help provide the service, consulting, and education to become the best grower they could be. Experiencing the “bottlenecks” themselves, they set out to put together a full-service, certified organic elevator that addressed and took care of those challenges that you, the organic and non-GMO producer, might be facing as well! RVAE offers seed to marketing and everything in between for organic and non-GMO producers. 

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Product and Service Guide

River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC is dedicated to providing quality organic and non-GMO products and farm consulting services to help Missouri farmers maximize their profits in the agriculture industry. Our product and service guide for 2023 offers a wide range of organic farming products, including fertilizers, pesticides, seed varieties, livestock feed, as well as custom farm services. We also provide farm consulting services in Missouri and beyond, such as soil testing, and crop planning, to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of their farms. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions and provide the highest level of customer service.


Organic Seed

River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC offers an extensive selection of organic seed options to help you grow the healthiest, best crop possible. Our organic seed is all sourced from certified organic farms and is tested for purity and viability to ensure that you have the highest quality non-GMO, organic farming product in Missouri. With our wide variety of choices, you can find the perfect seed to fit your growing needs.


NON-GMO & Organic Farming

The organic and non-GMO farmer eliminates the use of genetically modified seed. In addition, the organic farmer cuts out the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers from their production. This involves the use of cover crops, green manures, natural fertilizers and crop rotations to fertilize and feed the soil. Controlling weeds can be managed through mechanical and biological methods, crop rotations, and other techniques. Whether you may be considering non-GMO or organic farming, River Valley Ag Exchange LLC is your resource for all your non-GMO farming product needs in Missouri and around the country.


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