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Your Trusted Source for Biologicals

River Valley Ag Exchange

River Valley Ag Exchange, LLC was founded in 2017 with the biological row-crop farmer in mind.  Owners, Derek and Lyndsey Davis, along with their two children, Gentrie and Gage, own and operate Legacy Ridge Farms, a specialty row-crop operation located in Central Missouri. Derek is a 5th generation farmer with a desire to help farmers increase their profit margins while raising quality crops with yield. Legacy Ridge Farms began using biological methods in 2015 and immediately began seeing a difference in the soil health as measured visually and also through annual soil testing. Upon transitioning to biological methods of farming, Derek and Lyndsey quickly learned there were no local resources to accommodate this need. They wanted somewhere that not only sold the inputs and supplies they needed but would help provide the service, consulting, and education to become the best grower they could be.  From that, RVAE was birthed as a full-service grain elevator that specializes in agricultural biologicals and specialty crops.  In addition to biologicals and other inputs, RVAE provides seed production, seed conditioning, grain marketing, and storage for certified organic and non-GMO grains, as well.

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Specialty Grain

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Meet the Family



26 E Haynie St,

Marshall, MO



(660) 886-4394


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